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Get involved in one of the most consistent programmes delivering RESULTS before, during and after lockdown!


At Allan Davison Online Coaching,  the focus is on habit development for long-term results while achieving AMAZING results during your time being coached!

With over 12,000 hours of ‘in the trenches’ experience, working mainly with busy women of all ages, shapes, sizes and levels of ability, I understand what it takes to deliver results according to your lifestyle.

You may be a busy mummy, a career-driven individual or simply wanting to get in the shape of your life…I know how to get you there.

The aim is to arm you with the tools and knowledge so that you never need another programme or diet plan for the rest of your LIFE!

So say good-bye to the 12 week starvation diets…the ‘you just dont want it enough’ PT’s…and say hello a more energised, confident and happy YOU!

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The Fit-Woman Roadmap

 This is the flagship coaching service. Everything is built from the ground up for YOU, focussing on your individual needs to ensure success.

We focus on habit development to ensure you not only achieve AMAZING results but learn how to maintain them too.

Body confidence low?

Hate not wearing the clothes you want to wear?

Fed up and need to change?

Not sure what to do with your diet or maybe you have dieted for years?

This is the one for you!

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This 6-week service involves live classes over Zoom, nutritional/mindset/physical challenges and workouts set on the training app. You can do this from the comfort of your own home!

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